Company Assessments

Today, it is becoming common practice for Employers to include an Assessment / Test / Personality Profiling as part of the interviewing process. This is to determine if a candidate is a good fit / match for the job they are being interviewed for; and also assist in predicting candidates on the job performance.

Assessments can take many different formats, or include multiple selections of the below:
  • Personality Assessment;
  • Numerical Assessment;
  • Verbal Assessment;
  • Logical Reasoning Assessment;
  • Language Assessments;
  • Computer Skills Assessment (e.g. tests on Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and Access).
Assessment/(s) are normally completed on-line; however some employers will also ask you to complete these at their office.

Assessments are an important part of the overall recruitment process and are not to be taken lightly. Some employer’s grade assessments against a staff average, to proceed further in the employment process you must achieve this average or higher.

Recommendations on completing Assessments:
Ensure you set aside time to complete some practice tests; search Google for examples on ‘personality testing’ or ‘personality assessments’ etc. Review the first page of results, read the information and take any opportunity available to complete any practice tests offered. This will assist in training you mentally to approach the official assessment you are due to complete.

If completing the assessment at home, give it your full attention; find a quiet area with no distractions.

Be honest when answering questions.

In Personality Assessments some questions may become repetitive, with similar questions and answers; again be honest in your answer; honesty will reflect consistency.

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