CV Preparation

CVs are viewed in 2 ways. The most common way today is on a PC. The second is printed. In both cases they lack the human touch that you will provide on a 1-2-1 interview. Therefore, the layout of your CV is very important. As most are now read from a PC, you should avoid the over use of colour and the desire to create a work of art. Bright colours prove difficult to read and in some cases, send out an impression that may prove negative to others. Do not try and create the CV that has not been seen before. People could find them difficult to read and unnecessarily complicated.

Do not attach your photograph. We would recommend a black font colour on a white background. 2 pages is sufficient for most CVs; we only suggest 3 pages if you have held senior roles. To little can be read as limited in experience and over that amount becomes boring.

The most important rule in the construction of any document and that includes a CV, is the grammar and spelling are correct. You should also remember that the CV should be written with the reader in mind.

The following areas should be covered within your CV:

  • Personal Details
  • Academic Background
  • Employment Record
  • System Skills
  • Hobbies and Interests
Personal Details
This should always lead your CV and include:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details (Telephone Number and Email Address)
Academic Background
This section will cover Educational and Professional Qualifications and will include:
  • Year of attendance (from / to)
  • School/College/University attended
  • Qualification obtained
  • Results Achieved
Employment Record
Employment History should start with your most recent or current Employer and work backwards. Details should include:
  • Dates of Employment
  • Employer Name
  • Position Held
  • Responsibilities

You should then give a good profile of the positions covering responsibilities (focus on explaining your daily job what did you do from 9 to 5), duties and achievements. Make sure the information provided is relevant.

This should then be repeated for all positions you have held in the past.

NB. Once you have prepared and presented this information to any company, you must then be ready to support any claims you have made.

System Skills:
Outline all the computer systems that you are familiar with from Microsoft Office packages to ECDL to systems used in your day to day job/(s).

Hobbies and Interests:
Include a brief list of hobbies and interests.

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