The Interview

It is only human to be nervous before and during an interview. A firm handshake is a must at the point of introduction.

The initial stages of an interview tend to be a meet and greet format. This way, the interviewer is trying to assist you into a comfort zone, which will allow you to be more open during the interview.

From this point, all the benefits of the preparation should assist you. If you have prepared your answers they will flow showing you in a positive light and allowing more time to focus on the role being offered and the relevance of your skills to the opening.

Interviewees that flounder through questions around the obvious (Describe yourself, strengths, weaknesses, education, current and past roles, what do you know about our company etc.) are seen lacking in preparation and poor communicators, leaving potential employers concerned that they will bring the same characteristics to the role.

Those who demonstrate during the meeting that they can describe themselves and the roles they have fulfilled in the past clearly put themselves ahead of others.

Ask questions. Do not come out of an interview not fully understanding the role, its responsibilities and career path. Interviews are there for both parties. Find out why the role exists. Would the role develop over time beyond its current profile? Training on offer both for this role and progression.

When the interview concludes, thank everybody for their time and another firm handshake.

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