Interview Preparation

Know your CV
Be able to explain your CV; focus on using a 3 point plan:
  1. Explain who you are and your education to date.
  2. Explain your work experience, from past to present; when explaining this try and put a structure in place, the team you were in, who you reported to, products you worked on, and then explain your daily responsibilities. At this point don’t focus on your achievements, you will get the opportunity to discuss these later.
  3. Your reason for leaving your current employer; why you are interested in the position and company interviewing you.
Know the Company
It is now very easy to find out about most companies. Review the company website as this will provide you with vast amounts of information. Companies use their website for promoting or selling their products or services. The detail provided can cover their history, product range, staff number, locations, careers and in some case the philosophy of the company. This will prove invaluable information in preparing for an interview, as well as, the opportunity for you during an interview to demonstrate that you have researched their organisation.

Know the Job Description
Make sure you get a profile of the role you are being interviewed for. Read it on a number of occasions so that you fully understand the responsibilities that is required for someone to be successful in the role.

It is also an opportunity for you to start linking your own expertise and capabilities, with the role profile, thus improving your chances of securing the appointment.

Know the location of the interview, the time arranged and allow sufficient time to get there.
Find out the names of the people that are conducting the interview, including their positions within the organisation.

Dress appropriately
Most people that conduct interviews are experienced and tend to dress in a conservative manner. Make sure you do not have too much jewellery or body art showing.

Men – should wear a clean and neat suit with a shirt and tie; a plain white shirt can look best rather than striped or checked shirt.

Ladies – should wear trouser suit or dress suit; alternatively a smart blouse with trousers or skirt is also appropriate.

Always check that the following are polished, clean and neat: Shoes, Shirts and Suits.

If your employer operates a dress down policy and going to work in attire that suggests you are going for an interview, we recommend that you let the interviewer know in advance that you will be attending in business casual. Same conservative approach should be taken.

Ensure the following are turned off: Mobile phones, Blackberry’s and alarms on watches etc.

Prepare the answers to obvious questions. They tend to be;

Describe yourself, strengths, weaknesses, education, current and past roles, reasons for leaving all jobs, current salary and benefits.

Allow enough time for the interview. If you are going to be restricted on time, let them know at the start of the process.

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